Community Based Monitoring Handbook – Lessons from the Arctic

Community Based Monitoring is a complex research field that is becoming an essential and often required component in academic research and natural resource management. It is often used as a validation of results produced by conventional research methods. Community based monitoring enables researchers to reach beyond “Western” science by using the best available knowledge, be it academic, indigenous, traditional or local. Such an holistic approach improves understanding of ecological systems and how they interrelate with human societies. Read the full handbook online or view the original pdf of printed handbook below:


Pilot Phase Final Report

This report provides an overview of the BSSN concept, its history, and the pilot project results. It informs the broader community of scientists, governments, and Arctic residents about the project’s findings and shares the lessons learned. Read the full report online or view original pdf of printed report below:

BSSN Pilot Phase Final Report 2009 - pages 1 - 29 (pdf)

BSSN Pilot Phase Final Report 2009 - pages 30 - 65 (pdf)